About Us


I originally decided to build a website for myself with the intention of using it solely as an online portfolio to be used when applying for a job or such. It currently serves this purpose and I use the site as a exhibit of my abilities. As time progressed however, I realised that there was so much more I could do and that the possibilities were endless. The website name is derived from our knowledge in our engineering degree, where an indeterminate value is one that is undetermined or indefinite. Like the title, the concepts and ideas will flow and branch across an infinite spectrum of an undefined limit. We not only target university students but the younger generation as well in order to expose them to the sort of work really done in the years to come. If only we were so lucky as to know what we were getting into when joining our degrees.


This site is for students and by students. We have formed a team that is aiming to provide a variety of resources and ideas to you, our viewers. From Android Development to University notes and solutions, we will try our best to bring it all to you. Please visit and register with our forum to help our community grow.


Your source for the latest in news of all aspects but with a primary focus on new and old technology. Reviews, scandals and awesome ideas are sure to be thrown your way!

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